5 Reasons to Work with a Mortgage Broker 

Mortgages Gert Martens 17 Oct

I deal with many clients, as a Grande Prairie mortgage broker, who has moved from going directly to a lender for a mortgage to using a broker. There are so many benefits to choosing a mortgage broker, whether it to buy your first home, take out a second mortgage, or renew your existing one to […]

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Market Update – July 2019 

Mortgages Gert Martens 7 Aug

Market Update 2019  Working as a Grande Prairie mortgage broker means keeping an eye on the real estate market.  Here in the Alberta region, I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs this year.  The outlook for the moment is stable but still struggling.  The bubble-like conditions in the market during 2017 made 2018 a […]

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Tips on Saving for a Down Payment

Mortgages Gert Martens 17 Jul

Tips on Saving for a Down Payment As a Grande Prairie mortgage broker, one of the biggest hurdles that many home buyers face is saving up for that big down payment.  This alone can often put people off of buying a home.  It doesn’t help that there are many myths about mortgages, such as you […]

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Top Home Renovations That Pay Off

Mortgages Gert Martens 7 Jun

Top Home Renovations That Pay Off If you are looking for ways to improve the sales value of your home, there are a few top renovations that pay off, along with some that won’t.  You can get advice on renovations that raise your property value from your Alberts mortgage broker before you take the plunge.  […]

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Mortgage Rates Explained

Mortgage Tips Gert Martens 9 May

Mortgage Rates Explained The world of mortgage rates can seem like a minefield to many people. How do you get the best rate from your Alberta mortgage broker? First, we need to understand what a mortgage rate is. Definition of Mortgage Rate Basically, the mortgage rate refers to the interest that you pay for the […]

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Is a Pre-Approval Letter Necessary to Make an Offer?

Mortgages Gert Martens 15 Apr

Now that we are officially in the spring season, that means we are approaching the peak time to buy a home. Most home buyers wait until spring to purchase a house because that is when the real estate market is most active. As a first-time homebuyer, you should start preparing all the pertinent documentation and […]

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Market Update – Grande Prairie and Surrounding Area

Mortgages Gert Martens 8 Mar

Most potential homeowners feel the best time to purchase a home is during the spring and summer months. This is due to the fact that experts on the Home Garden and Television network (HGTV) state that is when the peak season to buy a home is. However, this creates an influx in buyers since everyone […]

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5 Things Your Broker Wishes You Knew

Mortgage Tips Gert Martens 7 Feb

Beginning the Grande Prairie mortgage application process can feel overwhelming for any first time home buyer. So, to help you get started, your local mortgage broker, Gert Martens with Dominion Lending Centres, has listed 5 things every broker wishes you knew before starting the mortgage process.   #1: Don’t Quit Your Current Job Most brokers […]

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Benefits of a Second Mortgage

Mortgages Gert Martens 16 Nov

If you are currently a homeowner and have been making regular payments on your mortgage every month, you could have accumulated a substantial amount of equity in your home. Your home’s equity is the difference between what you owe on your mortgage and your home’s overall value, meaning that the more payments you make towards […]

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Mortgage Calculators

Mortgages Gert Martens 8 Oct

Congratulations on making the decision to purchase a home. There are a lot of benefits to homeownership such as more privacy, it’s a great financial investment, there are some initial tax benefits, more creative freedom, and home equity. Making sure you have the appropriate amount of finances so you can afford a house and start […]

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