Self-Employed Mortgage Options

Mortgages Gert Martens 22 Jun

Trying to get a mortgage when you are self-employed can often feel like a struggle, especially when it comes to verifying your income. Lenders look at your credit report as well as your income to determine how high of a credit risk you may be. This means having to submit extra documentation in many cases. […]

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How To Build Your Credit

Mortgage Tips Gert Martens 22 Jun

Having a good credit score and credit history will play an important part when applying for any type of credit, such as personal loans, credit cards, car loans, and mortgages. Many people who have a very short credit history and are trying to build or repair their credit are often faced with the dilemma that […]

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Mortgage and Real Estate Market Update – Spring 2021

Mortgages Gert Martens 20 Apr

This time last year the housing market started to look somewhat uncertain as the Covid pandemic started to make its rounds. With lockdowns, many sellers and agents had to find new ways to safely show homes and changes were made all over. It was a bit “stop and start” but many areas have rebounded. Our […]

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Seasonal Home Owner Tips

Mortgages Gert Martens 20 Mar

A home is a big investment and it makes sense to protect that investment by taking care of the home. Seasonal maintenance is something any homeowner should practice. It will help you to identify any bigger issues, as well as help keep your home in the best health it can be in. Our Grande Prairie […]

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Time to Check-In with your Mortgage!

General Gert Martens 12 Jan

Time to Check-In with your Mortgage! There has never been a better time for your annual mortgage health check-up! By organizing a quick mortgage review each year, it may yield you some fruitful financial savings. Your home loan review this year will examine the most common potential monthly savings opportunities, including high-interest credit card debt […]

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Characteristics of a Great Mortgage Broker

Mortgages Gert Martens 21 Dec

When it comes time to buy a home and apply for a mortgage, you want to get the best mortgage package for your situation. The best way to do this is by using a broker, like our Grande Prairie mortgage broker team. Shopping around for the right broker is also important, and there are some […]

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Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage Program

Mortgages Gert Martens 10 Dec

Mortgage Expertise with Gert Martens Hi there! Gert Martens with the Gert Martens Mortgage Team. I’m here to talk to you today about purchase plus improvements. What this program allows you to do is include the cost of renovations in your new mortgage. There are a couple of simple steps to follow with this type […]

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The Difference Between a Second Mortgage and a Refinance

Mortgages Gert Martens 21 Nov

From your first mortgage repayment, you are building up the equity in your home. This equity can be used to borrow money when you need it. One question our Grande Prairie mortgage broker team is often asked is whether it’s better to refinance or take out a second mortgage. Both options have their benefits, but […]

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Mortgage and Real Estate Market Update on the Alberta Area

Latest News Gert Martens 15 Apr

Our Grande Prairie mortgage broker team knows how unsettled the housing market has been with the current worldwide pandemic. Many business sectors are being affected and the housing market is one of them. It’s because of this that we can’t predict what the market will do in the next month or so, and we are […]

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